The history of egg liquor

The history of egg liquor starts way back in the 1600!

Egg-based liqueurs are far from the most common of the world’s alcoholic beverages, but they are nonetheless a distinctive category worthy of attention. Most egg-based liqueurs are made from emulsified egg yolks with sugar and a sweet base spirit, usually rum, brandy or bourbon, making what is essentially a runny, alcoholic custard.


What is Egg liquor?…..Egg liquor also known as Advocaat or Advocaatenborrel . a traditional Dutch/German alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar and brandy.

Advocaat is a liqueur quite popular in countries across the European continent.  Also spelled as advokat, the advocaat liqueur is a sweetened concoction of sugar, brandy and eggs whisked to a frothy consistency. The alcohol content is usually around 15% in UK and America but the nations in Continental Europe prefer their advocaat with varying amounts of alcohol namely brandy. The usual amount however hovers between 14% to 20% which is traditionally not exceeded in any of the popular advocaat recipes.  The taste of the advocaat is somewhat bland in spite of having sugar in it. Advocaat liqueur is known for its smoothness which is an important factor that needs to be taken care of while preparing it.

Avocado liquor Becomes Egg Liqueur

This sweet, rich drink is thought to originate from Surinam ( what is known today as Brazil), where Dutch plantation workers supposedly made a beverage from fermented avocados. The Dutch were expelled from today’s Brazil in 1654, they took along the recipe and Avocados. They planted the Avocado trees in their Indonesian properties, where they could enjoy their “Advocaat” unimpaired. But ensuring the drinking pleasure at home presented a problem: No matter how they tried, they never managed to cultivate the Avocado trees in the cool climate of European latitudes.

People therefore started looking for a substitute for the creamy yellow flesh of the fruit. A liqueur-fond Dutchman finally discovered an excellent ingredient, combining the creamy consistency with a similar yellow colour: Egg yolk.

The resourceful gourmet went to Germany and mixed yolk, brandy, sugar, and other fine ingredients into an egg liqueur composition, which was truly equal to the Avocado liqueur in pleasant taste, characteristic flavor, inciting and strengthening effect, as well as appearance.

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